Why Recycled Cotton Wipes/Face Cloth’s

1FB9965D-1D0F-46EB-AED4-1D14191BB4AE.jpegOver the last year our family has had a huge shift in trying to reduce the amount of waste we produce. We now use our food waste bin for all our food waste, this alone has reduced the amount in our bin going to landfill by 50%. We started to use bamboo toilet tissue, bamboo grows five times faster than trees and no nasty chemicals are added. All our cleaning products are eco friendly and in recyclable bottles or ones that easily compost down.  Our shopping is packed in reuseable bags and we plan on making a range of recycled cotton grocery bags which will be perfect for loose fruit and veggies instead of using the plastic bags in the supermarkets. It takes a little bit of planning at the beginning and some researching of products to buy as alternatives but you soon get on a roll!!

So why our face cloths/scrubbies or No Fuss Dish Cloth’s? We spend over 500 million pounds a year on single use wipes whether they be facial, kitchen or bathroom wipes! That’s a huge amount of money for a single use item and a massive amount going to landfill or into our sewers. They are damaging for the environment due to the amount antibacterial alcohol which destroys the natural bacteria and enzymes that we need to break them down. We live in a world mad on single use convenience. I can vouch it really doesn’t take long to wet a recycled cotton dish cloth or facial scrubbie and use a environmentally friendly spray! Most of us are doing washing more than once a week and you just pop them in to wash with your other clothes! Easy peasy! The difference to our environment if we stopped using the disposable wipes would be huge!

I truly believe there will be a massive shift in the coming years of us all doing our bit to protect our planet and to try and reverse some of the damage we have carried out. Who can forget Blue Planet and what is happening to our oceans. It is astonishing to try and comprehend just how much plastic ends up in our oceans. Recent studies (PTES https://ptes.org)have shown our wildlfie population has reduced by two thirds  due to how we are living.

We can all do our bit and by ditching the disposable one use wipes we will be well on our way.


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