One of those Days!

Yesterday was one of those days! I’ve been brimming over with excitement over the new eco friendly crochet products and designs, I’ve been fit to burst.

Then yesterday I was trying to develop a new pattern. I knew exactly what I wanted to do and thought I’ll whip these up quick! They will be my best selling product! I tired and tried hooking and unstitching what felt like a million times! Nothing was working I even went onto to do one of my tried and tested patterns and even that didn’t come together how I wanted. I was covered in unravelled wool and frustration. It was as my mum used to say “One of those days”. After struggling for four hours getting more and more frustrated I put down my hook and my mood was down. I threw on my boots and went outside with my springers Molly and Toby. I know I’m probably biased but these two puppies are the best antidote to a bad mood! I grabbed Toby’s ball and played fetch. I could feel my mood lifting, it was cold, usually is in Aberdeenshire but the sun was warm on my face. Toby’s face was saying “this is the best time ever”. I started to notice the view of the hills, the trees and the birds happily going about their business. I started to think how beautiful it is and how we waste so much time being cross at things that don’t work how they should or what we haven’t got. In that moment I had everything I needed. In most moments I have everything I need. What can be more special than spending time in nature. We have a few old trees in our garden, they would have come up against many obstacles in their long lives, they don’t moan and groan like I did yesterday they just adapt and grow in a different direction. We can learn a lot about life by looking at nature. Then for the first time last night we had an owl hooting away in the trees, pure magic and not such a bad day after all. Xx

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