Trying to Find the Balance

I’ve started up my little wee shop on Etsy and I’m full of enthusiasm of where it can go! It’s only me and the items I make take a fair amount of time to produce. There’s only me, my hooks, cotton and wool! I’m trying to find the balance between creating, promoting the business and living. So much time can be spent on social media promoting that I run out of time to create or live. I’m going to try to limit my promotional time to an hour in the evening when I upload to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest! It’s a constant battle of thoughts

Am I uploading the right things?

Why is Facebook only showing 5 people my posts?

No likes or retweets I must be doing something wrong!

In all honestly I could keep myself awake at night worrying about something that is supposed to help me. Half my problem is I’m not very patient, I need to try and learn things take time and will not happen overnight. Patience, patience, patienceπŸ™Š

I have also forgotten my meditation practice. This is so useful in grounding me and keeping me present. I am making a conscious effort to set aside time for meditation. I am going to set aside 15 minutes to ease myself back in. I have to be truthful I feel so much better in myself and the space around me when I meditate.

I’m not very good with having my day planned out as I tend to feel a little trapped and panicked! I work far better knowing what I have to do and then somehow it all gets done rather than planning every hour.

So for now the things I must do each day are mediation time, some promotional time (not checking statistics and likes every 30 minutes!) and some fun with my hooks, anything else will just happen somehow!


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