How could you ever Tire of this View?

There’s a cold easterly wind today in our little part of Aberdeenshire. It doesn’t make me want to be outside, I would rather be inside cuddled up under a blanket. I have a winter cold developing and can feel it heavy in my head.

I spent most of the morning putting together the finishing touches and photographing my new Moo Cloths. I’m thrilled with them, recycled cotton and kind to the planet. The colours really brightened my day.

I braved the wind and the cold and went out for a potter in the garden. As I went to the end of the front garden and I gazed upon this view I thought how could I ever tire of this, how could I ever not want to look at this no matter how cold it is! The start of the Grampians in the distance and the beauty of the ever green trees waving as if saying hello. There is no snow lying today and it’s almost as if spring is tantalisingly close. The snow drops are in full show and some daffodils are starting to emerge from the frozen soil. My resident pheasant “Bert” who seems to have made his home in a corner of our back garden was crowing away. He really is beautiful and it pains me to think they are hunted. He wonders around and mixes with the other birds in the garden sharing the seed.

My head cleared whilst outside, the fresh air clearing my senses and listening to the trees singing their wind song. The little snow drops were swaying and not seeming at all bothered by the cold temperature. My two springers were running and jumping and enjoying the space and wind in their fur.

When I am gazing at this view I feel very blessed, worries disappear and I am grateful. I think we all need times like this and views where we can immerse in the beauty and escape the crazy world we live in.

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