Why my obsession with House Plants?

Ever since I can remember I’ve had an obsession with plants, whether it be big, small, outside or inside, I love them all. Out of all them I adore house plants the most. Living in Scotland I can’t grow as much outside as I used to grow in Cornwall  so my house plants have become even more important to me. 8CB3B782-D407-4D54-B64B-3E47325DC366.png

The first things I remember growing are strawberries with my grandad. They grew wild and free all over his garden. I also used to go and harvest the veg with my papa for his little shop. My house plant obsession started when I was given a Christmas flowering cactus, which I used to think didn’t look like a cactus at all! I was about 11 years old and I used to talk to it and take care of it. I soon progressed to taking cuttings and wishing they would grow! In those days there wasn’t google so I relied on the adults to pass on tips! My collection started growing and I soon had a couple of prickly cactus to add to my collection. These I found super easy to transplant and grow on. At the time I didn’t think about what the plants actually did for me, I just loved them. BB7FB798-22C0-4527-9FAC-58D10EA0AED3.png

Now I’m 44 and my husband says are house resembles a greenhouse! Watering takes a good couple of hours. It would be very hard to pick a favourite and I don’t really think I have one. The spider plant has always been a staple and my Jade plants are becoming strong beauties. The aloe vera is such a useful plant and the one in our bedroom is stunning to look at.  I have three trailing ivy’s which I always think of as happy wondering where ever they feel like. The one I bought most recently is a wonderful peace lily with long glossy leaves. I saw her in the shop and couldn’t resist, as soon as I walked in she seemed to say “I’m coming home with you!” I have never been able to work out whether my flowering cactus are Christmas or Easter ones as they flower at all times through out the year. I have around 12 baby succulents which are doing so well considering it’s winter.

As the years have gone on, I do think often of what these wonderful plants do for me and my family. As well as amazing beauties to look at they do have a purpose in our homes. They dramatically improve our air quality. Some kings and queens of the home would be the humble spider plant, snake plant (mother in laws tongue) ,aloe vera and English ivy. They remove a host of chemicals from our air and pump out oxygen. These small plants are hero’s on our fight against the pollution around us.

I will no doubt continue adding to my collection and to my joy of them, my potted hero’s! 204DAA07-45C8-4A8E-BF86-0CF9AD31C094.png



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