Choosing what to Champion

Ever since I was a little girl I have always loved nature. I was lucky enough to spend most of younger years around animals on a small farm in Cornwall. I care deeply about our environment and the damage we have caused and continue to cause to this wonderful planet.

I find myself pulled into so many different directions. I want to save the oceans, I want to save the polar bears, I want to save the bees, I want to save forests, I want to save the birds, I want to save the elephants. The list is endless and goes on and on. I found myself getting quite upset and unsettled as I can’t possibly support and champion all causes.

I decided to pick a cause which I could actively support both financially and by word of mouth. It wasn’t an easy choice.

I have always loved trees, they are magical in my eyes. They form strong roots, they help give us water, they help us breathe, they help moderate our climate.

I came across Treesisters by accident on Facebook. I am a true believer that things of importance are often brought to your attention by accident. I listened to several of Clare Dubois’s inspirational video messages, and could feel the connection. Here was a woman who had a vision given to her after a car crash and has had the strength to bring it to reality. The vision of Treesisters is one I can identify with, making it normal to give back to Mother Earth. We take and take and we don’t put back. We have stripped her almost bare and still expect her to nourish and give us a place to live. Treesisters have a vision to reforest the tropics. Here the fastest growing trees can grow and it’s our best chance at halting climate change. With a Treesisters you can opt to go on a very personal journey with them of awakening. The talks and mediation circles are deep and moving. I give monthly to Treesisters and we are almost at 2 million trees a year! I am proud to be a Treesister, I am proud to be part of the reforestation of the tropics, I am proud to be changing my priorities and of being a monthly supporter.

The Treesisters website is

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