Winter – Love it or Hate it?

I must admit I was swinging towards hate it! Getting our car out of our lane today and down the 5 miles to the nearest town proved traumatic.

We arrived safely though, skidding and slipping as went. On the way I was mostly frozen with fear, anticipating the next skid or slide on the thick snow. Then my husband said look, just look at the view. Wow in that moment just wow. The snow was coming down thick and fast like little fairies. The hills are deep in snow and Scottish Pine trees are wrapped in a velvety blanket of snow. The view was beautiful. It put things into perspective for me. Yes, I have snow half way up my door, I can’t get the car out, every time we let the dogs out half a ton of snow comes back in with them, we can’t just pop out, we haven’t had a postal delivery for 6 days, then it will be the thaw, floods and refreeze. In that moment I knew even though winters here can be troublesome, I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Scotland. I’m lucky really lucky. We moved here when my grown up children were young, they’ve had the privilege of playing in the snow, sledging and a ton of snow days! I have the pleasure of having gentle giants of trees in my garden, I get to gaze out of the windows and see hills whether they be bathed in sun or snow they are still beautiful. I

I might get snowed in a week here and a week there and for a little second I’m in the hate it camp but then I soon remember to be thankful and love no matter what the season!

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