Two Months in of Going Pescatarian

At the beginning of January I decided to try being a Pescatarian. Thoughts had been bubbling away in my mind for quite some time about how most of our meat is produced. I ordered the book from the popular Veganuary, https://veganuary.commost of which I couldn’t read, due to the awful conditions a lot of animals are kept in. I couldn’t ignore the thoughts any longer, decision made I was going to consciously stop eating meat. I also read of the farming industries impact on climate change. I hadn’t made a connection before. This is also an interesting article about a flu epidemic and how farming affects it. Its written by Dr Johnathan D Quick a renowned doctor’s scary stuff and completely ridiculous that we don’t do more to stop it. What I find the hardest to understand is that most of us, me included are absolutely blind to what is happening to our planet! I feel we live in a country where it’s always someone else’s responsibility, where as long as it’s cheap for us it’s ok. We need to take time to step back and actually realise what impact we are having.

It’s been a bumpy road but one that I’ve stuck too! I didn’t do nearly enough research on meal ideas. I decided to give up milk as I couldn’t ignore the factory ethos of the dairy industry any longer. This was surprisingly easy as there are wonderful fortified soya milks. I’m looking forward to spring and summer when there are more seasonal vegetables and berries available. I have signed up to a organic veggie box from June, all of which is organically grown 3 miles up the road. It’s a very short season here in Aberdeenshire and one I enjoy immensely.

One of the hardest things has been everyday family meals. My husband isn’t ready to give up meat yet but is happy to reduce his meat intake significantly. Most days I’ll prepare a veggie meal for dinner and he has his meat for lunch whilst at work. It seems to be working, I will make it work as I feel more passionately about this everyday. I’m not going to turn into a shouty, bad mannered vigilante, I’m going to quietly go my way and talk to people who are open to listening. I don’t think it does any cause any good being aggressive.

I truly believe people’s and governments minds will change on this subject, it may be a few years but eventually, they will have no option but to change.

There is so much information out there it can be confusing. I go to sites I trust and read articles from genuine qualified people.

I am going to continue on this journey and hopefully will become fully vegan. That’s my hope.

People have said I am too simplistic in my views, that the world can’t work the way I see it. The way I see it is people have the ability to change the way we live, people have the ability to live in harmony with each other, people have the ability to be kind to the planet after all it’s the only home we have! None of what I believe is impossible after all we live on a blue ball and fly around a ball of fire next to a white ball that moves oceans! It possible to live better!

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