Recycled Plant Pot Holder πŸ’•

I love anything recycled and using this Chunky T shirt yarn has been fantastic!

The yarn is waste from the fashion industry, these off cuts would usually be thrown away and then someone came up with the idea of making t shirt yarn bobbins. The things you can make are endless and they look very contemporary.

I’ve started with a plant pot holder or you could use it as a bits & bobs holder. It fits snuggly around the pot. To water your plant just pop the pot out water as normal in the sink and leave to drain, wipe the bottom of the pot and pop back in.

I’ve used the pot holder in the photos to hold a baby spider plant that I potted up a few months ago. One of my favourite plants and I think it really suits the pot.

The yarn has a bit of stretch in it even though it is very sturdy at keeping its shape.

Something a little different to brighten up the home.

I’ll be making some little ring holders and some more larger pots in this yarn over the coming weeks.


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