The Birds and My Makes This Week

It’s been a funny old week! I haven’t felt the best which I think is hay fever.

The birds here are in full swing with a lot of the chicks fledged! The jackdaw chicks are still the nests, one in the chimney and one in a big tree. It’s nice sitting on the sofa and hearing the chicks down the chimney when mum comes back to feed them! We counted 50 sparrows eating seed this morning! I was lying in bed last night with the blind up watching the bats. They were crazy! Since we covered our wing mirrors the crows have moved onto trying to pull our windscreen wipers off. They bang on our neighbours windows day and night! I’ve not seen Bert the pheasant for about a week. I’m hoping the reason is there is enough food out and about that he doesn’t need to come in for food.

Anyway what have I made this week! πŸ˜‚

I made a beautiful necklace with a hand crafted ceramic pendant with believe and hope on it. I put Rhodonite Beads with it for healing. The bracelets I love. I really do believe positive affirmation makes a real difference so was particularly pleased with them.

I hope you like them too! xx


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